Case Studies

Meredith-Springfield’s Recipe for Real-Time Control

Written by CyFrame



Do you have automated reports showing every day or every shift’s efficiency by work order?

Can your operators access this data during the production run to manage performance?

Meredith-Springfield does.

For over fifteen years Meredith-Springfield, a mid-size manufacturer of blow-molded plastic bottles, containers and highly-technical hollow articles has used an ERP system from CyFrame to fully automate its manufacturing and administration processes.

Sandra Parent, Director of Corporate Administration, says, “Our system allows us to handle everything from purchasing to manufacturing to inventory to sales to financial planning and reporting.”

“Critical to ensuring profitable performance, is having this data in real-time so that we can quickly assess the situation, identify the root causes and take corrective actions while we can still make a difference. We have over 65 employees and all of them interface with CyFrame, be they machine operators, product packers, inspectors, supervisors, engineers or administrators. I do not know of anyone in the company that does not interact with CyFrame in some way every day.”