Speed Up Project Results

JumpStart Your Success

CyFrame developed its JumpStart program approach to engage business owners and key management participants to gain the comfort level necessary to fully support project implementation by delivering concrete results in the early stages of the project. This unique results-oriented approach generates the required momentum needed for the project team to deliver results on-time, on budget.

JumpStart was designed to deliver a 100% project implementation success rate. It is our plastics industry commitment and core business goal. By offering a solution that eliminates risky software modifications, our system coupled with our unique approach is designed to accomplish just that.

Decades of ERP project implementation experience in the plastics industry has helped us take processors through a series of documented, sequential, strategic steps. Together, we will minimize the risks upfront and ensure your company is fully engaged, capable and ready to manage this internal challenge.

A Step by Step Approach

Eliminate Risks

CyFrame provides the upfront and ongoing support that ensures your ERP delivers on your performance objectives and targets. We leverage our strategically designed steps to address the most common issues and unexpected challenges at the initial stages of the project.

Build Momentum

CyFrame partners with senior management and all critical team members of our new customer to gain support and complete commitment from top management to the ERP project by guiding to deliver concrete early tangible results to earn the trust needed to succeed.

Ensure Success

CyFrame’s rigorous JumpStart program includes multiple simulations, efficient data loading quality methods and ‘’survival’’ training across your company departments to ensure and optimize performance as well as maximize success across your organization when the new system goes Live.

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