Warehouse Management

Inventory by location in real-time

Manage your inventory by location in real-time by scanning raw material and finished goods using lift truck tracking stations or handheld devices. Make any location transfer just by scanning the location and the material and never lose track of your inventory quantities. Ability to inquire by location or by product to find out the quantities and the exact location in your warehouse.

Automated Shipping documents Generator

You will not need to handwrite any packing slip or bill of lading again with the shipping document generator at CyFrame. With one simple step, you can scan finished goods at shipping and the system will print all the documents for you. Our methodology verifies that every product scanned belongs to the order to be shipped that way you never send the wrong product(s) or the wrong quantities.

Time for your year-end physical count?

With CyFrame we make it easier, our module allows the user to scan the products and enter the quantities which will be verified and reconciled at the end of the count. Print reports and verify all your products in real-time, make sure you have the right quantity in the right location.

Automated Certificate of Conformance and Material Certification

Is your customer asking for a certificate of conformance or material certification? Do you have to handwrite or complete these documents in excel? With the production entry and shipping process in CyFrame that is not the case anymore. By simply selecting the raw material lot number in production entry and scanning products for shipping process the system will generate all the required documents. CyFrame has the solution to help you spend more time to grow your business and expand into new markets.