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Quality Management

Essential Quality Traceability tools

In addition to maintaining normal quality control standards and that products meet customer specifications, our plastics processor community must adhere to many rules and regulations to be compliant with ISO, HACCP, FDA along with other certifications as well as support “clean room” production environments. To maintain these regulations, CyFrame automates these processes to eliminate manual tasks processors which often are relied upon to handle their obligations.

Critical Quality Business Functionalities

These are some of the critical quality business functionalities integrated into our ERP and MES modules that ensures products meet the highest quality requirements and enables manufacturers to track and monitor quality controls throughout by:

  • Receiving QA Inspections
  • Preventive maintenance of machines and tools
  • Reject and production yield Live tracking for production work orders
  • Documentation of QA Instructions for each operation in a work-order
  • Raw material lot entries at receiving and controls during production
  • Production packaged box and skid inter related serials for inventory movements tracking
  • “Clean Room” traveler production barcode label method to maintain clean integrity
  • Shop floor machine, tools and operator tracking control during production
  • Shop floor product quality tolerance test during production
  • Automated finished goods material lot traceability certificates issued at shipping
  • Inventory QA inspections
  • Full audit RMA process in QA locations
  • Universal document attachment to any process or master file components
  • Full transaction process information centers for any type of orders
  • Version control of tools and products
  • Product QA notes for setups and solutions to previous problems

Tracking Rejects

With CyFrame’s QA suite, reason codes are defined and recorded through barcode or easy-to-use touch screens throughout the process and post production enabling up to the minute usage of all graphs and reporting capabilities. This process:

  • Eliminates time-consuming manual QA reporting obligations
  • Provides professional customer on-time delivery feedback to customers
  • Helps you decide where to focus on quality priorities

Automatically archived and readily accessible (data)is one of the most important aspects of QA in tracking rejects. Our system outlines yields, reasons codes, and necessary corrective actions and always provides full traceability back to the operator and the inspector.

Tracking & Reporting

CyFrame provides all the necessary tools to enable full product traceability and eliminates all manual shop floor quality recording that often results in human error, waste of time and labor, as well as fragmented information. The advantage with the CyFrame QA is that it provides transparent real-time quality control reporting, visible throughout the plant.

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Get the latest news on plastic processing and receive free access to reports and white paper on how to improve your operations.