Special Projects

Special Projects

At CyFrame, we turn challenges into opportunities with our special projects services. CyFrame always takes a cautious trustworthy approach to validate requirements to determine the best course of action for true payback. We can deliver ERP Pilots and Prototypes at a fraction of the cost for a full ERP project. These special projects use CyFrame’s multi-domain and multi-technology knowledge and skills to build robust, scalable and maintainable ERP solutions and web applications. Through partnerships with our clients, CyFrame takes the time to understand business objectives and provides advisory services to help decide and execute the best strategy to resolve challenges and achieve business objectives and goals. Our team of developers follow best practices methodology and exceeds standards using the most innovative technology.

ERP Pilot

When a higher amount of customization is required to implement an ERP system, the level of risk increases significantly. We propose to implement an ERP pilot to train key stakeholders on the current ERP system and conduct a full simulation of all key business processes to document GAPs to provide a viable estimation of cost and conditions of the project. This process effectively sets the expectations while gaining our customers’ trust in our commitment to deliver at a fraction of the cost of an ERP system


Mapping and analysis of the business processes (value-stream mapping, workflow Diagrams). Prototypes can be developed to help identify needs in scenarios where not all of the project requirements are known in detail ahead of time. These prototypes give our clients a greater sense of involvement, ownership and a better appreciation of the final solution and will confirm the concepts and map the development efforts for such projects.

Web Development

Our team delivers the technical experience, web development and industry know-how you need to transform your business. We will work with you to create the tools you need to get the results you want. We leverage a unique combination of technical, functional and industry specializations as well as partnerships with key vendors, to deliver a successful project and help your business navigate the complexities of technology.