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Production Scheduling

Real-time data is vital for production planning

CyFrame’s MES scheduling module integrates real-time material and capacity requirements to create schedules in just a few seconds. To move a work order is as simple as dragging it to desired time slot, dropping it and the order is ready for production. Use the MES tool to avoid production conflicts, allocate the appropriate resources and materials and make a change if altered circumstances require it.

Flexible production calendar

  • Plan and control all scheduling from a centralized drag-and-drop panel
  • Easily modify schedules without jeopardizing on-time delivery
  • Use visual color codes to quickly identify machine conflicts and material shortages
  • Use the software’s real-time data to make informed decisions with confidence and work efficiently under pressure

Centralized information

  • Work Order Planning (WOP) dashboard displays live production data
  • WOP gives you direct, one-click access to each of the system’s functionality
  • Modify any work order from the WOP screen
  • Vertical scheduling from the WOP screen
  • Sales orders pending approval are visible in the production calendar


  • Dynamic production calendar identifies conflicts when an order takes longer to produce
  • Machine and mold/die conflicts are highlighted
  • MRP and missing material for production pop-up alerts
  • From 1 day to 5 weeks of planning visibility
  • Production planning accounts for holidays and weekends
  • CyFrame plans lightest to darkest color production to minimize changeover and downtime
  • 1080hd full screen production calendar

Control and manage your minimum inventory levels for Finished Goods and Work in progress

TMES keeps you informed with an intuitive, easy-to-use work order generator based on minimum maximum and safety stock levels based on material turnover.

The MES management dashboard shows you what you need to produce based on the orders received and suggests the quantities required to maintain optimum stock levels.

Better production visibility

  • Stock target dashboards
  • MRP including forecast orders
  • Raw Material reserved based on open orders
  • Production planning including MTS and forecast orders

Intuitive and easy-to-use

  • Create MTS orders with one click
  • Suggested production quantities are based on stock targets and minimum/maximum levels
  • Minimum/maximum report for finished goods and WIP
  • One click from forecasted orders to production

Better response

  • CyFrame MES automatically forecasts the customers’ next orders based on historical patterns
  • MTS products are always available when needed
  • Order entry inventory verification for MTS orders

Automated Purchasing Dashboard and Forecasted Raw Material Based on a Dynamic MRP

The CyFrame MES Purchasing Dashboard module provides a powerful and intuitive interface for quickly evaluating purchasing requirements and for generating purchase orders. It suggests order quantities and visually prioritizes real-time inventory status. Users can also use the drilldown functionality and integrated reports to perform more detailed analyses.

Powerful Analysis and Planning

  • Real-time inventory quantities and status for multiple products
  • Dynamically calculated stock targets
  • Online drill down and integrated reports
  • Flexible planning horizon

Intuitive Interface

  • Color-coded stock status for each product at the warehouse and consolidated warehouse levels
  • Filter products by vendor, product group or stock status
  • Click to accept or modify suggested order quantities

Automatic PO Creation

  • Generate multiple orders with the click of a mouse
  • Consolidate products on a single order
  • Configurable default order parameters
  • Suggested order quantities and prices

Integrated Reporting

  • Open sales order reports
  • Stock transaction audit reports
  • Distribution resource planning reports
  • Purchasing dashboard report

CyFrame’s MES machine module schedules preventive maintenance and ensures readiness for the next production run

CyFrame’s MES machine module schedules preventive maintenance for primary machines and secondary/auxiliary equipment based on usage and maintenance history. It also ensures scheduled preventive maintenance and planned production do not conflict.

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Get the latest news on plastic processing and receive free access to reports and white paper on how to improve your operations.