Providing a Full Traceability of Inventory Transactions

Inventory Management is part of the core functionality of the CyFrame System. Inventory quantities are updated in real-time. Transaction recording can be automated through the use of barcoded labels and handheld scanners. The Inventory module is fully integrated with the other modules. The many intuitive screens and reports provide reliable, real-time inventory status information that can be used to help minimize costs and maximize production capacity usage and sales.

CyFrame’s Main Inventory Benefits


Inventory maintenance is an integral part of all of the operational components of the CyFrame system. From purchasing and sales, through production and QA, to shipping and invoicing, inventory transactions are recorded in a timely and efficient manner.

Real-time Inventory Status

By continuously updating inventory, CyFrame is able to provide up-to-the-minute information regarding stock quantities and location. This information is made available through strategically placed lookups and reports which greatly improves users’ ability to answer questions and make decisions.


Through the use of barcoded labels and hand-held scanners, CyFrame is able to provide time-saving interfaces to record inventory transactions. This not only saves time but also greatly increases the reliability and accuracy of the recorded transactions.

Automated Purchasing Dashboard

The CyFrame Purchasing Dashboard provides a powerful and intuitive interface for quickly evaluating purchasing requirements across multiple warehouses and for generating purchase orders. It provides suggested order quantities and priorities based on real-time, up-to-the-minute inventory status in a visually intuitive manner. It also provides the ability to perform more detailed analyses through drill-down functionality and integrated reporting. 

Powerful Analysis and Planning

  • Real-time inventory quantities and status for multiple products and warehouses
  • Dynamic calculated stock targets
  • Online drilldown and integrated reports
  • Flexible planning horizon

Intuitive Interface

  • Color-coded stock status for each product at the warehouse and consolidated warehouse levels
  • Filter products by vendor, product group or stock status
  • Click to accept or modify suggested order quantities

Automatic PO Creation

  • Generate multiple orders with the click of a mouse
  • Consolidate products on a single order
  • Configurable default order parameters
  • Suggested order quantities and prices

Integrated Reporting

  • Open sales order reports
  • Stock transaction audit reports
  • Distribution resource planning reports
  • Purchase dashboard report

Inventory by Location

For customers looking for superior inventory control, CyFrame offers the ability to track inventory quantities and packages by stock location. Inventory movements are tracked throughout the warehouse in real-time and can be queried using a number of powerful tools and reports. This feature is especially useful for keeping track of faulty, quarantined or slow-moving stock.

Automated Data Capture

  • Barcoded labels for raw material, packaging and finished goods
  • Wireless scanning of product and location labels
  • Shop floor touchscreen interface

Real-time Inventory Reporting

  • Integrated lookups in order entry, production and shipping
  • Detailed inventory by location report
  • Track or locate a product by SKU, package id or job number

Automatic transaction recording

  • Automatic deduction of raw material during production based on predefined Bills of Material
  • Automatic assignment of received and produced goods to predefined locations
  • Automatic adjustments based on physical counts

Robust Inventory Controls

  • Automatic segregation of uninspected products
  • Detailed stock transaction audit reports
  • MRP driven dashboards and reports
  • Integrated physical count module

Physical Inventory Count Module

The CyFrame Physical Inventory Count Module is designed to streamline and simplify the physical count process. Data capture can be automated using barcoded tag labels and handheld, wireless scanners. The intelligent data capture interface provides immediate validation and feedback when exceptions are encountered. A powerful and intuitive count result interface allows discrepancies to be quickly identified and resolved.

Automated Data Capture

  • Batch count tag generation
  • Flexible, mobile data capture interface
  • Capture product codes or package serial numbers using handheld scanners
  • Automatically assign cartons or skids to count tags

Robust Controls

  • Assign count tags to users
  • Real-time input validation
  • Monitor count batch status
  • Customizable barcoded count tags
  • Selective recounts for handling count discrepancies

Count Reconciliation

  • Intuitive count reconciliation interface
  • Reconcile counts by product and warehouse location
  • Detailed tag verification reports
  • Automatically adjust inventory
  • Manually flag selected items for recount

Simple Lot Tracking Automation

Lot Tracking in the CyFrame System is easy to configure and implement. It can be enabled for all manufactured products or just those requiring certification. Material lot numbers can be easily captured and assigned at the time of reception. An intuitive touchscreen interface allows the material lot numbers to be assigned to jobs right on the production floor. Powerful inquiry tools and reports allow faulty products to be traced all the way back to original material purchase orders.

Comprehensive Traceability

  • Powerful online lot number inquiry tools
  • Bi-directional traceability from finished product to raw material
  • Traceability by lot number, customer, order, job, product, mold or stock serial number
  • Detailed carton history reports
  • Customized material certification reports

Simple Data Capture

  • Capture and assign material lot numbers at receiving
  • Easily assign material lot numbers to jobs using a touchscreen interface on the shop floor
  • Automatically assign control numbers to finished goods