Advanced Accounting Capabilities Made Easy

The Multi-Company, Multi-Currency CyFrame system manages the Financial Accounting of companies across the world in more than 15 countries with less than a few weeks of training. While it supports many complex transactions, it is designed with an intuitive ease of use and focused on the best practical user experience. The Chart of Account Structure significantly reduces the need for large number of accounts which greatly facilitates internal use and with its total integrations to all other ERP modules in CyFrame, increases the overall internal productivity and offers outstanding reliable Financial Reporting capabilities.

CyFrame’s Financial Accounting benefits

Complete Control with Multi View

Our Chart of Account Structure allows viewing Financial Results by Cost Centers, Profit Centers, GL Accounts and Projects to provide the best possible support for financial decisions.

Powerful Accounting Automation

From generating repetitive GL entries, sales and payable invoices to applying corporate multi-customer deposits to generated purchasing month end accruals to automated currency realized gains or loss and much more.

Flexible and Intuive Financial Statement Generator

From Summary or Detail Financial Statements, CyFrame offers unlimited Financial Statement charts with over 30 predefined formats including drill-down capabilities to the original source transaction.

A General Ledger Linked to Production Data

Comprised of our simple Multi-View and Powerful Chart of Account structure, the CyFrame General Ledger software module includes many management tools such as financial reports, easy and direct journal entry, and budget as well as analysis tools with a structured Month and Year End simple procedures. The CyFrame General Ledger insures total Accounting Integrity and Audit Trail which Drills Down to retrace any source transactions.

World Class Financials

  • Multi-Company
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Ledgers
  • Company Consolidation
  • Fixed Assets
  • Financial Company User Matrix Security

Powerful Financial Information

  • Multiview Inquiries and Report
  • Drill-Down by GL Code all the way to the source transaction
  • Cost Center and Project all the way to the source transaction
  • User Defined unlimited Financial Statement line formats models
  • Over 20 Financial Statement report templates

General Ledger Automation

  • Automated GL Repetitive entries
  • Self Reversing Accrual GL Entries
  • Automated Purchasing Month End Accruals
  • Currency unrealized gain or loss Revaluation
  • Previous year GL adjustments from auditors

Month and Year End Components

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Loan Payment Generator
  • Pre and Final Year End
  • Multi Budget Module
  • Automated Budget entries
  • Automated Spreadsheet Interfaces

Intuitive Accounts Receivable System

The CyFrame Accounts Receivable (i.e. AR) Software Solution is an advanced, intuitive posting system for managing customer receivable records including customer maintenance that requires just a few days of training to process all receivable transactions. The AR module helps improves cash flow collections and reduces risks with our Customer Credit Management inquiry dashboard with an access to the latest aged credit payment trends as well as credit limits and account status including agings, invoices, quick customer statements by email, collection notes, reports and more.

Deposits Made Easy

  • Multi Bank - Multi Currency
  • Regular and Corporate (multi-customer) Deposits
  • Sundry and Cash Deposits
  • Due Date Aging Management
  • Deposit Payment Calculator
  • Smart Over-Under Write Off
  • Automated FX Gains or Loss

Outstanding Flexibility

  • Current and Historical Aging
  • User Defined Aging Columns
  • Split by Currency, Representative
  • Deposit Register and Search Drill-Down
  • Post-Invoice Allocations
  • Credit Allocations

Credit Limit Management

  • Credit Management and Credit Approval Screen
  • Automated Credit Approval process
  • Credit Limits by amount and overdue amounts
  • Credit Check at order entry
  • Credit Check waiting production
  • Credit Check waiting shipping


  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Real-Time Aged over 90
  • Credit Trend Dashboards
  • Payment Days 3-year history
  • Real-Time Collections Notes
  • Automated FX Gains or Loss

Fully Automated Accounts Payable

The CyFrame Accounts Payable (i.e. AP) Software Solution is an advanced, automated payable system with manual or PO matched invoices processed efficiently with our automated payment system. The CyFrame AP manages suppliers’ payable records including suppliers’ maintenance that requires just a few days of training to process all payable transactions in this module once the payment forms and types are in place. The CyFrame AP module helps manage cash flow outlays with our Supplier Credit Management inquiry dashboard with an access the latest payment history to manage payments outlays, supplier credit limits and account status including agings, invoices, reports and more.

Automated Payable Invoice Controls

  • Regular, Corporate, and Sundry Invoices
  • Multi-Currency Payable Invoices
  • PO Matching Price Variance
  • Carrier Invoice Matching
  • Automated Repetitive Payables
  • Pre GL coded AP invoices

Payable Reporting and Inquiries

  • Current and Historical Aging
  • User Defined Aging Columns
  • Split by Currency, by Purchaser
  • Payment Register and Search
  • Sales Tax tracking

Payments Controls

  • Payment Proposal automation
  • Manual Payments
  • Sundry Payments
  • Cash Payments
  • Hold, Partial or Full Payments

Cash Flow Management

  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Real-Time Aged over 90
  • Manage supplier credit limits
  • Automated Realized FX Gains or Loss

Total Integration with All Features

The integration of the Financial to all the CyFrame ERP Modules offers significant gains in administrative productivity and Critical Management Information. The main foundation is related to all the purchased raw materials or resale products purchased as well as all the products sold by assigning GL default accounts by Product Groups and even defining GL codes to any particular products. These GL codes then become automated throughout the entire purchasing, manufacturing, and shipping or receiving process in the system avoiding having to manually assign them to each process step. Depending if a particular activity is by Profit Centers and its warehouse, a pre-determined Cost Center code assigns it automatically to the correct Profit Center in the General Ledger. Project, also a key in the General Ledger, can be allocated to any specific company projects in Sales, Manufacturing or Purchase line item orders that end up in the General Ledger to report by Project and track Project cost and revenues in detail. CyFrame Financials is a very powerful tool that will deliver important management information.