Our Values

Corporate Values

As a confident and creative corporation, Cyframe’s core values are:


CyFrame has deliberately developed a corporate culture with loyalty at its core. Through all challenges and complexities, CyFrame team members remain loyal to the company, its external partners, and to one another. It is this ethos that, more than any other value or element, effects long-term, dedicated relationships with CyFrame’s customers. Maintaining laser focus on the customer’s wants and needs is the only way to ensure the 100% success rate that we are always seeking to achieve. A family spirit prevails at CyFrame, and our team members can always be sure of getting the help they need, in both their professional and private lives.

Hard Work

No matter what the challenge, the CyFrame team works precisely and diligently towards a successful solution for each and every customer. Quality requires continual, confident focus on the task at hand, and the CyFrame team is dedicated to doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to help our customers succeed. It is only through such rigorous attention that we can help our customers to reach their diverse and complex objectives. Without exception, our customers learn very quickly that CyFrame is not afraid of hard work.

Transparency and Innovation

Through every challenge, CyFrame conducts all its operations with an open-door policy. The diversity of skills and experience encourages creative approaches to complex issues, both for our customers and for our company as a whole. Our software development process must be both pragmatic and creative in order to yield innovative results, and CyFrame encourages and rewards original thinking in each of its team members. We do not dwell on past mistakes, we always look to the future.


Every member of the talented CyFrame team is ready and willing to wear many hats on any given project. Our diversely skilled team remains singularly focused on each customer’s particular wants and needs. In turn, the company also maintains vigilant attention to the needs of all our team members, always seeking to strike an ideal and appropriate balance between professional and private lives. CyFrame team members are always encouraged to speak their minds and act according to their consciences.


CyFrame team members are encouraged to consider and assist one another in the pursuance of success. We believe this is an essential element to our successful growth and the development of truly innovative ideas. At CyFrame, we work hard to ensure that everyone is always in the same boat and rowing in the same direction. It is only through a dedicated team effort and constant collaborative creativity that we can achieve the 100% success rate that we are always after.