Case Studies

Grupo Perplast gets Results & gains Efficiency through CyFrame Best Practices

Written by CyFrame



Grupo Perplast (Naucalplan, Mexico) satisfies customer needs through plastic injection and mold making. Since 1981, the company has provided a wide range of products and packaging to customers in cosmetics, consumer, automotive, electrical, industrial and government, serving such well-known clients as Revlon, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsico, Kraft, and Avon and Jafra.

In the past, Grupo Perplast ran its business with three separate management systems: production, administration, and accounting. Unfortunately, each system was unable to share information with the other two. Data had to be keyed into each of the three systems separately, a time consuming, error-prone process.

Consequently, managers never had all of the information required to efficiently manage the business or accurately deliver and invoice customer orders. One of the three systems had limited users and regularly froze and kicked users out due to instability. “Ultimately, the responsibility for all of that data and the resulting reports rested with one person,” said Abelardo Perez Castillo, Grupo Perplast’s Operations Manager. “That person was often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of internal requests. Our three systems were simply overwhelmed, making it very difficult to satisfy our customers.”