Unleashing the Power of Industry Expertise: The Advantage of an ERP Team That Speaks “Plastics”

Written by CyFrame


The Advantage of an ERP Team That Speaks “Plastics”

Choosing an ERP solution provider specialized in the plastic industry comes with a unique advantage—the presence of a team with 25 years of industry consulting and leadership experience in the industry. Unlike generic ERP systems, which lack industry-specific knowledge, these specialized providers offer a team of professionals who understand the intricacies of the plastic industry. From customer service representatives who can address your specific challenges to industrial engineers who provide best practice advice for production and operational processes, and engineering specialists who seamlessly integrate PLC panels into your network, these experts offer a tremendous advantage. In this article, we will explore the benefits of partnering with an ERP team that speaks “plastics.

Unmatched Plastic Industry Knowledge

An ERP solution provider specialized in the plastic industry brings deep industry knowledge to the table. Their team members possess a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and requirements faced by plastic manufacturers. This knowledge enables them to provide tailored solutions and insights that generic ERP systems simply cannot offer. From understanding the nuances of plastic production scheduling and the limitation set by the tooling performance, to multiple recipes / layers and multi level routing and added value operations processes, the expertise of the ERP team ensures that you receive industry-specific advice and support, all without customization complexity, cost or risk.

Customer-Centric Support

When you partner with a specialized ERP provider, you gain access to management consulting, implementation and customer service teams truly understand your business. Their expertise in the plastic industry allows them to quickly analyze your existing processes and propose an optimized business workflow without customization or learning curve based on best industry practices. Whether you need assistance in troubleshooting technical issues or require guidance on optimizing your operational processes, the change management leadership team is equipped to address your concerns effectively and efficiently. The ability to communicate with professionals who speak the language of plastics eliminates misunderstandings and ensures a seamless partnership.

Best Practice Advice for the Plastic Industry

An ERP industrial engineer with a strong background in the plastic industry can provide valuable best practice advice. They understand the complexities of plastic manufacturing processes, including injection molding, extrusion, and blown film, among others. Leveraging their expertise, these industrial engineers can guide you in optimizing your production and operational processes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs. Their insights into industry-specific challenges and opportunities help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve operational excellence.

Seamless Integration and Support of your ERP

IT specialists who specialize in the plastic industry can seamlessly help you to achieve real time reporting across all departments from live material deductions by recipe to machine monitoring via universal PLC control panels. They possess in-depth knowledge of the systems and technologies commonly used in plastic manufacturing, ensuring smooth connectivity and data exchange between the ERP system and your production machinery. Their familiarity with industry-specific requirements allows them to troubleshoot issues effectively and provide ongoing support tailored to your unique setup. With their expertise, you can maximize the value of your ERP system and minimize disruptions to your production processes.


Partnering with an ERP solution provider guarantees your successful integration in an industry that currently experiences a 70 percent failure rate when implementing ERP systems. From managing complex bills of materials to family molds, tight tolerance quality requirements to material traceability and certification, you can attain an easily adoptable integrated business workflow that will significantly improve production efficiency and profitability while helping you optimize your existing equipment and resources. The presence of a team with strong industry expertise ensures that you receive customer-centric support, tailored advice, and seamless integration and support for your unique requirements. The ability to communicate with professionals who understand the language of plastics and have a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges empowers your business to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and stay competitive. When selecting an ERP system, prioritize a team that speaks “plastics” to unlock the full potential of your plastic manufacturing operations.

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