Case Studies

King Plastics reduces costs, lead time, and manpower while improving customer service

Written by CyFrame



King Plastics, located in Orange, CA, is a 55-year-old privately held company that manufactures injection-molded plastic food containers and lids for a variety of unrefrigerated, refrigerated, and frozen products typically sold in supermarkets. The company also decorates plastic containers and lids to customer specifications.

Prior to 2015, King Plastics employed a computer programmer who designed and programmed the company’s IT systems, which at that time, consisted of order entry, invoicing, and accounts receivable.

That came at not only a high cost, but it also put the company at risk by having only one individual who knew how the systems worked and was the only one who could fix problems that might arise.

Today, King Plastics uses CyFrame to monitor and keep efficient the entire operation, they have total control on every part of the process: from order entry to production to shipping to invoicing on a real-time basis, under one integrated workflow.

“Our scrap rate has been cut in half and production capacity has increased by 10%.”
Larry Lathrum, President of King Plastics