How To Build A Business Case for ERP

Businesses are looking to make technology investments to prepare for growth. But with the economic recovery uneven and uncertain, they remain cautious about these investments. One thing is clear: Any technology investments must deliver value to the business. To define this value and corresponding costs, businesses need to define a business case for their technology investments and build a framework for measuring ROI. This white paper describes steps that will help organizations build their own business case for an ERP investment.

While the economy continues to improve, high unemployment and consumer thriftiness mean that the recovery remains anemic and uncertain. Thus, while businesses are now preparing for growth by increasing technology investments from the low rates of the Great Recession, they remain careful with their investment dollars.

Building the Business Case for ERP
To create a business case for an ERP investment and select the right ERP option, organizations should follow this step by step process:

  • Describe the business challenge
  • Assess the potential benefits of the ERP investment
  • Assess the potential costs of each ERP option
  • Assess risks that might arise during the implementation
  • Recommend the preferred solution
  • Describe the implementation approach

Build business case for ERP

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