Case Studies

Back In The Black – with CyFrame

Written by CyFrame



For more than 25 years, B&C Plastics has been making stock and custom, blow-molded polyethylene containers such as jugs and jars and supplying accessories such as closures, sprayers and pumps to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Vital Statistics

25 to 30 employees, six blow-molding machines in a single 60,000 sq. ft. plant, custom runs of 100 to 2,000 pieces, the average run is 25,000 pieces.

Key Challenges

Only able to access key financial statements once a year because B&C relied too heavily on pen and paper. Replace inaccurate, cumbersome manual legacy accounting system. Deep lack of historical data required to help predict and manage seasonal spikes. No current, reliable basic data pertaining to inventory (raw materials, finished product), prepaid and unpaid stock items, scheduling, shipping, downtime, maintenance and more.

Why CyFrame

Only CyFrame offered an off-the-shelf, configurable ERP solution specifically created for a blow-molder.


Installed CyFrame’s Oracle-based ERP system in just two months, beginning in May 2011 with CyFrame’s Financial Management, Inventory and Purchasing, Production and Distribution base modules. ERP system went live in July 2011. In September, the Production and Shipping, Barcode Scanning and the Client Portal, complete with e-commerce capabilities, modules were successfully installed. CyFrame’s four to five-month installation time was significantly faster than the six to nine months it would take competitors, allowing B&C to start reaping the rewards sooner rather than later.


Almost immediate return to profitability, seven-month ROI, real-time access to all relevant financial and operational data, reduce labor force by 15%, fewer shipping errors, improved scheduling, increased customer satisfaction, protect and preserve B&C’s reputation.