Case Studies

Precimold Significantly Improves Production Capacity and Margins

Written by CyFrame


Precision Tool


Name: Precimold Inc., Candiac (Montreal), Quebec
Founded: 1966
Key Focus: specializing in small, custom, precision single and multi-cavity and family molds and components; .0005 to 500 grams
Industries: medical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, automotive, aerospace and military
Manufacturing plants: 1 plant, 48,000 sq. ft.
Injection Molding Machines: 20
Cleanrooms: 1 X Class 10,000; 4 X Class 100,000
Employees (total): 74 to 80
Product lines: 400 molds, of which 200 are active
Customers: 35 (Canada, U.S., Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Korea, elsewhere)
Currencies: 3 ($C, $US, €)


  1. Impossible to determine company/component profitability
  2. High backorder rate due to production planning issues
  3. Delays due to manually managing order, inventory, production and delivery
  4. Inaction and inertia due to lack of business intelligence and related reports
  5. Outdated, inaccurate, manually-entered data; often inaccessible, difficult to locate
  6. 100% manual, paper-based system & legacy digital data storage were virtually useless



  1. Return to profitability, 5 to 10% price increases on money-losing components
  2. Slash backorder rate by 80% with improved production planning
  3. On-time delivery thanks to integrated order, inventory and production scheduling
  4. Relevant, timely business decisions and actions based on superior intelligence and reports
  5. Live, accurate data, automatically populates, cascades; accessible simultaneously, anywhere & anytime
  6. Plastics-specific, off-the-shelf ERP is invaluable and absolutely essential


At Precimold, improved profitability and enhanced customer service were realized just months after implementing CyFrame’s plastic-specific, off-the-shelf ERP.