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Enabling real time profitability with PLC tracking

CyFrame’s software programmable made-for-plastic shop floor data acquisition with an optional integrated PLC module tracks: scrap, downtime, and production efficiency and keeps you in touch with your live operations.

Grow beyond the archaic method of recompiling data for end of month reporting to understand your profitability. Run up to the minute production reporting anytime of the day, from any location and get the information you need when you need it so you can start managing today’s business with today’s information.

Consider connecting all your machines via a Master PLC controller and activate the capability to track your true up to the minute results against the standard expected performance targets defined in all your finished products.

Scanning finished products directly on the production line avoids having to manually capture and then later re-enter shift or daily results in a separate screen or system while keeping raw material and finished good inventory up-to-date. For that purpose an uncomplicated, basic touch-screen / bar-code interface can be installed at each machine, work center or a central location on the shop floor.

screenshotsCyFrame does an even better job at monitoring your production profitability. With this integrated solution you will understand where your profitability can be improved based on concrete data such as:

  1. Production performance – Actual vs. Standard. A complete set of profitability drill-down reports state what your overall profitability for: any given customer, product or work order. These sets of reports will display tell you your production time efficiency, Production yield against rejects, what the rejects were and if the product weight was on target.
  2. Daily Production Profit Contribution. In addition to tracking and achieving daily work order performance goals another series of reports compute daily or shift overall total profit target. Excluding any production rejects, these reports inform of how each shift has contributed to your overall profit target. This will put into perspective if the day was profitable and what shift contributed the most.
  3. Price List Profitability. Have customers maintained the agreed upon purchase level? Making shorter runs than anticipated are may be less profitable and contribute fewer profit than expected. This level of reporting also shows the production efficiency and reject levels for each part on the price list and also demonstrates the impact of freight on overall customer profitability.

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