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Integrated ERP solution for Film & Sheeting

Grasping the true attainable benefits of an integrated ERP system is probably the single most difficult thing for decision makers to overcome.

However, fully implementing it results in significant savings as well as provides the means to grow your business without creating new overhead costs and stop depending on a few key internal resources to run your business so that you can expand it at will.

To speed up the process of implementing and maintaining such enterprise systems, Cyframe built its business solution specifically for the Plastic industry to be able to install it quickly and then reduce internal overheads to run your business. The key is in defining products according to plastic specific relevant processes that are truly structured efficiently to determine your product Bill Of Materials and all the required production parameters and cost elements. For that purpose, we have made our software “Plastic User friendly” with Plastic Day-to-Day terms you understand to incorporate the most efficient way to define a Plastic Blown-Film and Converting operations as follows:

  • Blown-Film and Converting Bill Of Material Configurator for easy and quick implementation
  • Eliminate errors and data duplication with centralized machine specifications and plastic recipes
  • Simple workflow optimized for Plastic business processes from quotes all the way to invoicing
  • Provide PLC production control dashboards and data aquiisition with scanners and touch screens
  • Made-For-Plastic scheduling tools to guarantee on time delivery
  • Improve overall quality through Real Time PLC machine monitoring to track rejects
  • Email and Fax automation along with Online client access portals to drive superior customer service

bar graphThis complex process can be simply summed up as “Reviewing every task you do presently, eliminating those which are not necessary and simplifying or optimizing the ones that can, using the best technology available.” It is not a make work program but contrarily it is a work eliminator, implementing the most efficient workflow methods possible to take back control of your business.

CyFrame’s solution greatly exceeds all standard ERP software results. Our system is one complete extrusion, slitting, laminating, bag making, printing plates and printing specific business integration process that will create incredible value within your company and guarantees a rapid return on your investment.


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