Case Studies

Accurate Real-Time Data Ensures Profitability and Traceability

Written by CyFrame



Calico Precision Molding designs and produces custom parts and components for the automotive, aerospace, military, medical, dental, commercial and packaging sectors. CyFrame’s ERP made Calico a data-driven company that knows exactly how much money it’s making or losing daily. The new ERP is also saving Calico at least $60,000 annually by allowing them to grow by 50% in 2014, by 30% in 2015 and by 50% in 2016 without hiring additional staff across at least three departments.

Vital Statistics

There are 53 employees managing and operating 16 injection molding machines and five assembly/welding machines to produce a roster of 150 to 200 parts for about 40 customers at the 55,000 sq. ft. plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Key Challenges

To manage Calico’s significant growth as the company triples sales from 2014 to 2016, management had two choices: hire new employees in at least three departments or find a suitable ERP solution. Calico also needed to be able to precisely assess the profitability of its business, which had been virtually impossible with inaccurate, outdated or non-existent data. In short, Calico’s executives didn’t have the data required to manage the business in a manner that maximized productivity, efficiency, and profitability.
As well, a significant Tier 1 automotive customer required traceability and wanted EDI capabilities as well as a web-based customer portal and advanced shipping notice.

Why CyFrame?

Calico committed to CyFrame’s ERP based on its ability to provide, accurate real-time data in relevant reports. It also offered web-based customer portals, barcoding and more.


Calico now relies exclusively on CyFrame’s complete ERP solution: Financial Management, Inventory, and Purchasing, Production and Distribution, including real-time shop floor bar-code touch screen data acquisition, web-based customer portal and advanced shipping notice.


CyFrame’s ERP provides the real-time, accurate data required to tell Calico’s business story and maximize profitability day to day, week to week and year over year.

Calico is better able to manage inventory, materials, and operations to improve productivity and efficiency, while its new traceability and EDI capabilities also satisfy the automotive-industry suppliers who account for about 80% of Calico’s business.