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Simple Made-For-Plastic Inventory Tracking & Control

CyFrame’s Inventory system makes use of barcode labels and hand held scanners to record, track and control all raw material and finished good inventory.


With a simple easy to use shop floor interface, managers know precise quantities on hand, their locations and the related raw material lot numbers for traceability.

Using the system improves accuracy of data, automatically deducts and increments material being consumed or received, eliminates the possibility of misplacing items and the manual work typically involved to track and record lot numbers for material certification while helping to minimize machine downtime and improve on-time delivery.

CyFrame’s software incorporates all the control you need to efficiently manage your inventory from Receiving to Production to Shipping.

By tracking scrap, quickly recording any resin or additive recipe changes on the fly, as well as easily recording lot numbers via shop floor data capture ensures that deliveries are on-time, accounting books are balanced and that all required documentation such as the material certificates are automatically printed.

Inventory control starts with a well defined Bill Of Material (i.e. BOM). Cyframe offers an extremely efficient method to create and maintain plastic products BOM by using centralized properties, entered only once in Machine, Mold and Plastic Recipe files. That means at least 30% less BOM maintenance over standard ERP software in the market. All related products are updated automatically by using common recipes or common mold information without having to apply these complicated BOM changes to each individual product, one-by-one…


Ordering raw material efficiently is critical in order to produce your finished products on time. Cyframe provides the most efficient way to get that job done with a dynamic MRP Driven purchasing dashboard that indicates priorities with a red, yellow and green light visual aid. This dashboard is driven with dynamic stock targets that react to upward or downward trends in stock demand and availability. With a simple click, you can create all the purchase orders you need.


Once the purchase is done, materials are received and tagged with their Resin and Additive Lot numbers and can also be tracked by Inventory Location via wireless Bar-Code. Another common issue in the Plastic Processing industry is rapidly managing Recipe changes that occur when, for example, you run out of specific resins, replace them on the spot or use available regrind or  pre-mix blends. These quick changes can throw out your inventory balances if the software cannot handle them. For that purpose, Cyframe is designed to allow documented Plastic Recipe changes in:

  • The bill of Materials with a central recipe management feature that updates products
  • At the time of Order Entry for a specific order
  • At the production Schedule time right before you run the job
  • At the declaration of finished goods when you are producing the parts

Lot Control is critical in the Plastic Processing industry when dealing with regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, food and medical as well as for quality control purposes. Reducing rejects is always a profitable strategy. Further, you may need a more efficient way of producing Material Certificates. Once a job is ready to start, Lot numbers can simply be assigned on a touch screen and products scanned using serialized bar-code labels so that the system can automatically print all required documentation such as material certification reports at shipping.


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