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“Made-For-Plastic” Scheduling Makes All the Difference

Where generic software’s fail, the CyFrame scheduling tool uses critical plastic specific information such as: plastic recipe composition, and mold or die based tool specifications, which may relate only to certain primary machines with essential line equipment constraints, which further affect processing speeds.

The above combination of variables are all required to plan raw material, labor, and the machine and critical line equipment necessary, to commit to delivery dates and fulfill orders on-time with the most profitable results.

Entirely eliminate complex spreadsheets required for production planning, optimize the production schedule, and quickly confirm orders while guaranteeing delivery dates.

Shared work order planning screens, connected to real-time MRP data, visually flag material shortages directly from order entry to help better manage raw material allocations, identify future shortages, and drive purchase priorities.

The dynamic drag and drop visual scheduling dashboard allows for easy:

  • Manipulation of work order priorities and deliveries
  • Identifying material as well as primary and secondary equipment conflicts
  • Grouping by tool, color, or resin to minimize setup time and changeover
  • Zooming between 1-day to 5-week calendar view 

Accelerate operational performance initiatives using Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, TPM, and other Continuous Improvement methods. Track results with clear, easy to understand analytics that show OEE, downtime, waste, and other methods of displaying  loss and waste.

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